Business Development

We provide business development opportunities by carrying out;

  • Industry surveys done directly with foreign buyers and agents, often generating immediate sales opportunities.
  • Finding and screening optimal agents, distributors, brokers, and partners. Our office will interview prospective agents, selecting only the top performers.
  • Our unique Agent or Distributor screening process assures success.
  • Our proprietary supply-chain systems, offer ‘Customer-Direct Sales’ programs, giving you direct control of buyer relationships.
  • Detailed action plans with step-by-step directives for every phase of your export operation to eliminate classic missteps and losses.
  • Agent Performance Systems which achieve better than 50% increase in agents’ sales.

Our proven Export Launch Program, developed through years of practical experience and research, optimizes export results and minimizes company costs.

Our Business Development Program includes more than the following highlights;

  • Identifying the best potential customers, sales channels and sales leads.
  • Determining approximate potential sales volume in the foreign market.
  • Selecting the best agents and distributors.
  • Locating your key entry points and niches in the Target Market.

Our Export Launch Program, which uses Critical Success Factors that we’ve identified through industry studies, to realistically evaluate the market opportunities for your products.

Analyzing market competition requires promoting good management of natural resources and the extensive respect for the environment, and increasing concern for the psychological well-being of all concerned in the food production, supply and consumption system. We effectively provide the following solutions:

  • Analyzing the current competition in Targeted Niches.
  • Creating strategies that insure solid profits and healthy market share.
  • Analyzing current and projected political and economic climate.
  • We identify the principal cost and risk factors in the Target Market.
  • Analyzing logistical and operational needs.
  • Identifying duties, regulations and other restraints to trade.

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With our collaboration as your partner, you will have a complete source of information and services to assist in moving your goods around the globe.

Business Development

We provide business development opportunities by carrying out Industry surveys done directly with foreign buyers and agents,

We help companies reach new horizons and explore new possibilities.