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We supply various types of pallets depending on your transport and industry needs. We sell brand new pallets and used pallets. We can export these pallets worldwide.

Price = 1 piece


We supply various pallet sizes depending on your industry needs. Knowing that our customers rely on international supply and in good conditions, we make it our passion in meeting your request.

We can supply different pallet sizes to match specifications for both domestic and international transfers.

We’ve listed below a summary of our pallet range, including pallet dimensions and country availability. Contact us for more details about your desired dimensions.


Product Code Product name LxWxH

(in millimeters)

Major Countries Available
B4840A Timber Block Pallet North American Standard (48 x 40 inches) 1219X1016X141 USA, Italy, New Zealand
B1210A Wooden Pallet 1200X1000X162 Most European countries, Latin America, United Kingdom, India, New Zealand
B0806A Wooden & Metal Pallet 800X600X163 Most European countries, United Kingdom, South Africa
B1210M Wooden Pallet – 3 Runner 1200X1200X154 India, China
160001 Wooden Pallet – New Zealand standard 1200X1000X140 New Zealand
B1210L Perimeter Wooden Pallet 1200X1000X154 India, China
B4820A Timber Half Pallet 1220X508X128 Canada
S1210A Bearer Pallet 1200X1200X150 Namibia, South Africa
S1512A Bearer Pallet 1500X1200X176 Namibia, South Africa
B1208A Wooden Pallet 1200X800X144 Most European countries, United Kingdom, South Africa, India
S1165A Wooden Pallet – Australian Standard 1165X1165X150 Australia, New Zealand
B1210C Pallet Mercosur 1200X1000X145 USA, Argentina
B1060B Wooden Pallet 1000X600X162 France
06040 Plastic Dolly 600X400X173 Austria, Switzerland
16517 Plastic Pallet – New Zealand standard 1219X1016X144 New Zealand
P0604A Plastic Display Pallet 600X400X145 Most European countries
P1208B Plastic Display Pallet 1200X800X160 Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
P1210B Plastic Pallet 1200X1000X160 Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom
P1208A Plastic Pallet 1200X800X160 Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
P1210C Blue Shield Plastic Pallet 1200X1000X150 China, Thailand, South Africa
P1210D Plastic Pallet – 3 Runner 1200X1000X150 China
P1165A Plastic Pallet 1165X1165X150 Australia
HHT06508 Automotive Pallet – US Standard 1166X1242X152 USA, Canada, Mexico
B1006C Automotive Half Pallet 100X600X144 Most European Countries, Brazil, Argentina
B1210E Automotive Pallet 1200X1000X144 Most European Countries, Brazil, Argentina

Minimum Order = 750 pcs

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