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    Frozen Whole Chicken


    We sell high quality whole chicken for human consumption, including different cuts such as; chicken thighs, drum sticks, mid joints and chicken breast.

    Price = 1 kg


    We sell only high quality whole chicken for human consumption, including different cuts such as; chicken thighs,  chicken legs, drum sticks and chicken breast.

    We work very closely with our partners to ensure that they meet all international regulations in place including ISO and HALAL and Health Certification (such as; phytosanitary certificate).

    To the best of our ability, we ensure our customers purchase only the best products.

    These chicken birds are raised with the utmost care and dedication. Our poultry producing partners provide only the best, healthy, safe and exceptionally tasty chicken meat, so our customers can enjoy beautiful moments with friends and loved ones.

    The chicken we sell are NOT Genetically Modified. The use of any hormonal substances in poultry breeding is prohibited by law.

    We sell this product as fresh or as frozen depending on your industry needs.


    Energy values                               629 kJ / 150 kcal

    Fat                                                  7.4 g

    Of which saturates                         2.1 g

    Carbohydrates                               0.2 g

    Of which sugars                            0.2 g

    Protein                                          20.9 g

    Sodium                                          0.15 g

    *** Price is per kilogram

    Minimum Order Quantity = 20 Metric Tons


    Use a Class A refrigerated product, packaged in a protective atmosphere. Store between 0 – 4 °C. The product shelf life specified on the packaging is valid only if the storage conditions are met.

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