Our Team

Our team of experts take pride in exporting best quality products to different markets and are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day.

Our experience encompasses a broad range of export transactions from large offerings through smaller transactions. Our strong market research ability provides solid support and we have demonstrated merchandising services.

Our market-leading research team, sales capabilities and global distribution network help make the SUPA team the operations handler of choice for many corporations throughout the world.

Our  global coverage allow our clients not only to benefit from a wide variety of products in the most suitable markets, but also to benefit from our ability to access and monitor local market sentiments and price conditions. This can be of real worth, especially in markets, where hard facts and statistics are sometimes not available.

When clients require access to our services such as importing a product into their respective country, we handle the whole process from product search, documentation and make sure products are delivered at your local address, giving you the time to concentrate on your business needs.

We work closely with our logistic network to provide you with an amazing satisfaction.

Mukete Godlove

Mukete Godlove

Sales Manager

We make sure all our partners get the maximum ROI, on every transaction done with us. Our target price is a big smile on your face.

Bless Kitch

Bless Kitch

Import Manager

Dealing with different cultures, local requirements and processes, I make sure our partners are importing only the best.

Tom Jones

Tom Jones

Marketing Manager

With several years of experience in import and export processes including documentation, I ensure we meet your demands.


Alexandra Titu


Having extensive knowledge in brand promotions, business development interests can only be as good as understanding the importance of collaboration.

Sam' Esale

Sam’ Esale

Founder / General Manager

I ensure that our organisational culture gives our associates and partners the power to recommend, assist in growth and promote innovations needed to achieve effectiveness.


Bogdan Macus

Customer Relations

Reliability and accountability are just a few words to describe my professional approach to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Adrian Radu

Adrian Radu

Logistics Manager

Attention to details is vital, especially in supply chain management were many variables are involved.

Anna Maria

Anna Maria

Chief Operations Officer

Always ready to take on new challenges and projects while loving the international commitments.